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CAIS Philosophy

“Cien Aguas” means "hundred waters” ...

The root of the word is "cienega", which is an oasis of moisture in a dry landscape.

In our school, many sources will merge to form a single stream.

We envision an environmentally sustainable campus populated by a diverse mix of students are:

  •  Students with a good knowledge of the world they live in.
  •  Communicators who can work well in two languages and feel comfortable with different cultures.
  •  People show respect for themselves, others, and the environment.
  •  Decision makers to consider the needs of the communities they are part of, and
  •  Troubleshooters who ask and answer important questions. We have a personal vision, parents and students working together to create a community that brings this vision alive.

The curriculum is designed around thematic units of study and takes an international perspective. It is emphasized in a research process, which means that students learn to ask and answer important questions. The statement uses the Project GLAD (Guided Language Acquisition Design) method to teach multilingual classes, which includes interactive wall, poetry and songs, comprehensive cooperative learning, and a variety of reading materials graphs. The use of textbooks is limited. The teaching will be provided in Spanish and English, depending on the grade level language requirements of our dual immersion 90-10 program. In this model kindergarten students are taught in Spanish 90%, and the amount of English is increased each year until a 50% -50% balance of languages is reached in the fourth grade. This relationship is maintained through high school. Physical education and the arts are offered and are integrated into the curriculum. Outdoor education, teamwork and conflict resolution are taught and reinforced.