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Frequently Asked Questions

The Governing Council began discussing our reauthorization at our monthly meetings last November.  The governing council had a special study session to explore this in March, and there have been multiple meetings or contacts with the APS Schools of Choice Office, directors of charter schools currently authorized through APS, our attorney, and the Public Education Commission.  Thank you to all of the community members who have shared your concerns, questions and ideas with us about this issue over the last few months. In March the questions that were brought up by community members during Public Forum were addressed in a “Frequently Asked Questions” document that was shared with the community.  We are attaching that here in case you would like to look at it again. 


Please email or speak during public forum at the meeting on Monday if you have additional input you would like to share.


Thank you all for your work and commitment to making Cien Aguas a special community.      


Governing Council Information

What are the responsibilities of the Governing Council?

The Governing Council meets monthly, and meetings are open to all community members. The GC is responsible for approving school policies, major contracts, and the school’s annual budget. The GC oversees the school’s financial affairs and is responsible for selecting and evaluating the director.
How do I share my ideas with the Governing Council?
Governing Council meetings are held in the multipurpose room and begin with public forum. Community members are invited to sign up before the meeting to speak during public forum. Each person is given two minutes to address an issue on the agenda or any other issue or celebration that you feel is important to bring before the council. The Governing Council can also be emailed at Your concerns and comments are important to us, please share them with us.


When does the Governing Council meet? Where can I find the agenda?

Agendas from the meetings will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the office, emailed to the CAIS listserve, posted on the CAIS webpage and our new school Facebook page. Minutes are posted to the Cien Aguas webpage and on the bulletin board outside of the office.

Request for Support

The Governing Council is accepting applications for anticipated openings on the board.  We are encouraging parents to apply and are also asking parents to help identify community members who do not have children at CAIS who would be interested in serving on the board.  

The Charter School Coalition and the Public Education Department’s Charter School Division strongly recommend schools have a mix of parents and other community members are on the board.  

Please contact Lisa Meyer at for more information.  

The Governing Council application can be found in the by-laws which are posted online:


Click Here for Application

The material terms which explains the essential promises our charter makes to the community can be found on the CAIS home page.

Agendas and minutes from the meetings will be posted on the bulletin board outside of the office, and on the CAIS webpage.